Create a print for your heating panel


The ECOSUN Basic radiant heating panel has a white powder-coated plastic base, the surface has an “orange peel” texture. The image motif is printed on this white base layer. Digital printing technology is used, which preserves the saturation and brightness of colours. The panel is 3 cm thick, the side edges cannot be printed on, they always remain white.

Available outputs are 300, 600 and 850 W. Wall and ceiling mounting possible.



The front side of the ECOSUN GS radiant heating panel is made of a 4 mm thick glass plate, which overhangs the panel structure by approx. 5 mm around the entire perimeter. The printing is done on the inside of the glass, where it is exposed to higher temperatures than the surface printing of Basic panels. Therefore, a special ceramic ink is used for the printing, stabilized by firing which, however, reduces the saturation of the colours. For an additional charge, a test print of the selected motif on A4 size glass is possible.

Available outputs are 300 and 600 W. Wall and ceiling mounting possible.